Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A new Chiller Performance Analysis coming!

     In order to find the balance point of a air conditioning (AC) system, you need to find a simultaneous solution between the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser.  This can be done numerically by calculating the system performance at specific definite time.  The problem with this approach is that it does not cater for component design changes.  Clearly, a computer model offers much advantage in the speed of solution but also in avoiding errors. We often have discussed a theoretical and a practical approach.  Our preference was to adopt a pseudo-practical method where the AC system performance are calculated in detail but the data is based on a offline data.  The practical model is easy to apply numerically and can be extended to include all types of AC types. In heat pump applications, it is essential that the balance point be determined under peak heating and cooling conditions.  To find a suitable design, the designer would need to perform a number of system balances.  The benefit of a numerical AC simulation to test these design changes is obvious. Now, we propose CHieVA 2.0 as one of Chiller Performance analysis tool. CHieVA 2.0 is developed in the light of simplicity of thermal performance analysis but yet it capable to obtain detail thermal performance analysis as configuration of the system was changed.  Please feel free to contact me if you need more information on CHieVA 2.0. The  CHieVA 2.0 will be released on the mid of October 2010. You can donwnload it for free and use it as limited version. Here, we show you view screen shoot of CHieVA 2.0.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new boiler efficiency analysis tools soon will be shared here!

BOIEFF ver 1.07: Boiler Efficiency Analysis program package.
     A new boiler efficiency analysis tools soon will be shared here! The BOIEFF 2.0 is a simple boiler efficiency analysis program package that equipped with Fire Tube Boiler and Water Tube Boiler  simulation tool. The user will be introduced with simple boiler operation and performance analysis in 'real time' look condition. With this simulation, the user will learn how the boiler load and excess air influence the boiler thermal efficiency and heat losses. The BOIEFF 2.0 is a shareware package program, the user can download and use it for free, but the certain features in the BOIEFF 2.0 will be inactive until the user has legal permission to use it. Please contact the me for more detail information. The BOIEFF 2.0 will be uploaded in the mid of October 2010 in google-doc server. Here we show you some view screenshots of the BOIEFF 2.0.

Flexibility to choose any type of fuel. A fuel data bank stores all fuel type information and can be edited at run time.
Detail look for Heat loss method analysis.
Detail look analysis for Heat input-output method.
Detail look for Fire tube boiler simulation.
Fire tube boiler simulation is equipped with 'real time' look graphics analysis.
Boiler Sankey diagram that produced by BOIEFF ver 1.07.

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Practices Blog

A blog for sharing experiences and ideas in Energy Efficiency of any energy systems

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Practices Blog is designed to share experiences and ideas in energy savings  for the benefit of the energy efficiency improvement of any energy system that we think necessary. We continuously collect benchmarking data on energy efficiency.

Our blog introduces simple analysis and tools for energy efficiency analysis. It helps you to reveal energy saving potency in a thermal or mechanical system and guides you to implement the improvement opportunities step by step.

Hopefully, the scope of energy efficiency analysis can be developed and increased to cover main significant thermal system or utilities in common industrial system. Our simple thinking on the action is 'The location where we can find high energy saving is the location where the primary energy was converted'.  

In this blog, our sharing discussion for energy efficiency studies involving:
  • Steam production and distribution system
  • Steam Power Plant
  • Diesel Generator Power Plant
  • Drying and heating system
  • Combustion system
  • Cooling system (Chiller, Absorption chiller, HVAC system, etc.)
  • Water Pumping and High Pressure Air/Gas system
  • Electrical system
 Benefit of energy efficiency analysis: 
  • Saving potential and payback can be identified - a tool for decisions
  • The effect of improvements and rebuilds on energy efficiency can be recognized
  • Information on current energy consumption
  • Improved energy utilization
Also related to energy efficiency analysis:
  • Energy measurements
  • Control system
  • Operating methods
  • Training and Energy Saving consultancy services
Please share your though, idea and experience to us. Feel free to observe and download any tool that we share here.

Hanny J Berchmans